Help us reach out and inspire the next generation of scientists, astronauts and space explorers!

The Astronaut perspective can make a world of difference!

For more than five decades, astronauts have been recognized as highly visible heroes to generations of Americans, adults and children alike. Human space exploration inspires many young people to excellence, especially in science, technology engineering and mathematics. Astronaut school visits, particularly when complemented by supporting classroom lesson plans, can serve to enhance student interest in these vital subjects.

NASA receives thousands of requests annually for astronaut appearances and is able to fulfill only a small fraction of them. Many schools, community groups and youth organizations lack the resources to pay for an astronaut visit; ASE, in cooperation with the Johnson Space Center Astronaut Office, endeavors to fill as many of these unfunded requests as possible. Your support is vital to fulfilling and expanding this mission.

Help us guarantee that every school that requests an astronaut has an equal opportunity to inspire their students with an astronaut visit, regardless of their ability to pay. Help us pay travel expenses and where necessary, a modest honorarium to fulfill the many requests we receive.

If you represent a school or youth group, please sign up for an astronaut visit here.

Please contribute and launch a dream! If you are contributing to support a visit to a specific school, please indicate that in the special instructions on the contributions page, or send us an email. Thank you!

ASE is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization – your contributions are tax-deductible.


John-David Bartoe (STS 51F)
Roger Crouch (STS 83, STS 94)
John Fabian (STS 7, STS 51G)

Thank you very much for your support!



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