The Mission

Established in Switzerland by photographer Jaydie Putterman, The Future Foundation's mission is the realization of the multi-media project Planet Earth: The United Nation.

Four hundred! That's how many astronauts and cosmonauts have already ventured into space as we enter the third millennium. Men and women who have changed forever the way we see the world, even the way we look at ourselves in the world. Perhaps one day, their achievement will change the way we think about ourselves, together, as one people with a common future.

In DVD-ROM format, Planet Earth: The United Nation depicts Mankind's epic struggle to conquer space, the last great frontier of our millenium, and the way those 400 men and women have each lived and experienced it.

We present both the human and technological stories of this great adventure. We live through what individual astronauts saw and felt as and when they were actually orbiting the Earth. The reality of their experiences is made even more vivid by the photography of Jaydie Putterman, and by the actual words spoken and written by the astronauts themselves.

The realism and accuracy of Planet Earth: The United Nation will provide a powerful beacon of hope for all of the children of our world.

State-of-the-art multi-media systems enable us to recreate every individual space exploration vessel, from the pioneering Vostok capsule of Yuri Gagarin to the space shuttle and modules of the International Space Station. The Future Foundation is able to draw on vast photographic and audio-visual archives specially provided by the world's aerospace centers, including NASA, the RSA, NASDA and ESA to make our voyager really feel like the first astronaut of the new millennium.

Our voyagers, children and adults alike, will relive each mission in space as virtual members of the original crew. They will be part of the team faced with the awesome and majestic reality of space. Using the subjective camera process, we will take them, in 3D and real-time, through each of those journeys into an experience–-enhanced by the original music of Jordi Savall–-uniting Man's beginnings in his space-time universe and his attempts, since the advent of language, to understand and describe them.

UNESCO, under the aegis of Secretary-General Federico Mayor, and the Association of Space Explorers have both joined in support of The Future Foundation's Planet Earth: The United Nation in the belief that this project will foster cohesion and hope among the young people of the world, who represent all of our futures.


The Experience

Here I am, a voyager aboard The Future Foundation spaceship. Several destinations are available to me–-and I can specify the mission exactly. Back as far as Yuri Gagarin, the first cosmonaut, or as recent as American Shannon Lucid, the choice is mine. From the US Mercury mission to the Altair expedition, every single one of the hundreds of manned spaceflights are at my fingertips arrayed before me.

The epic Apollo missions, the first man on the Moon? I decide on the Moon program and from Apollo 17, 16, 15...I select Apollo 14.

I lift off from planet Earth. It's early February 1971, long before I was born. Spaceship “The Future Foundation" finally docks with Kitty Hawk, the Apollo 14 command module. I enter to find the three crew members, Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell and Stu Roosa wrapped in a discussion about the separation, which has to take place prior to the descent to the Moon. The ship is very cramped. My first experience of weightlessness is awesome. Through a porthole, I can see the Earth as it was in early 1971. I catch sight of Amazonia and the massive green vegetation of the Brazilian jungle, so much more prominent than it is now.

My control panel displays the portraits of my three astronaut companions. Activating a switch, I am transported into a three dimensional gallery, where gliding on a rail, I travel through portraits and illustrated documents from the exact time of the mission. I pause to take in the operation and purpose of Apollo 14.

Turning around, I'm back in 1971, aboard the ship. Through his space helmet, a crew member beckons me towards the LEM, Antares, en route to the Moon. He is no other than Stu Roosa, whom I just saw in the gallery, the one who remains in orbit during the lunar landing.

I am bound for the Moon. It seems to be so close through the porthole, so different from the view I had of it from Earth. Despite his long experience, Alan Shepard, the first American in space, shows a child-like excitement at the prospect of actually walking on the Moon. Decompression time...silence, and we're on our way.

With my two fellow astronauts, I reach the Moon's surface. I pick up several samples of Moon rocks to be analyzed back on earth. Before climbing back on board Antares, Shepard gives me a golf lesson. We try our hand at a couple of swings. A last glance at planet Earth, so far yet so beautiful in the infinity of space, and we lift off for the orbiting Kitty Hawk, where Stu Roosa awaits us.

Back on board, I leave them for their return trip to Earth, while I once again take the controls of The Future Foundation spaceship in search of other missions in space and time.


The Market

For the first time, DVD-ROM format will be available to depict the last great struggle of our millennium, the conquest of space. In the DVD-ROM Planet Earth: The United Nation, the Future Foundation wants us to go beyond our concerns with countries and continents, and our preoccupations with all of our varied forms of civilization, race and culture. We contemplate our planet, our home, Earth, and our future as terrestrials and extra-terrestrials.

We dedicate this project to all of our children and to generations yet to come.

For this very reason, UNESCO is a partner of Planet Earth: The United Nation. UNESCO will use its global network to ensure distribution of the DVD-ROM in all countries. In just its initial phase, one million copies of the DVD-ROM will be distributed to one million educational institutions worldwide. UNESCO will also manage the translations so that all may have access to the experience.

It is also why ASE, the Association of Space Explorers, with its worldwide roster of distinguished astronauts and cosmonauts, is a partner. In many countries, foremost national astronauts will personally launch Planet Earth: The United Nation. To ensure realism and accuracy, ASE members will supervise the exact and detailed reconstruction of each of their own missions to put people in to space.

To reach even greater numbers of people, an Internet site will be developed based on the project. Updates of future space missions will be posted on the Internet enabling our voyager to keep abreast of developments and to exchange experiences with other voyagers around the world who have also shared the virtual space reality of Planet Earth: The United Nation.

There will also be spin-off products, which will broaden still further the appeal of the project. A book will relate the experiences, in their own words, of all of the men and women who have traveled in space and will include a photographic portrait of each astronaut signed by Jaydie Putterman. Written with future generations in mind, the book will build on the success of the multi-media program. An audio CD of composer Jordi Savall's original theme music will also be available throughout the world.


The Foundation

The Future Foundation
Holligen Castle, CH-3008, Bern, Switzerland

Honorary President
Federico Mayor
Secretary General of UNESCO (1987-1999)

Advisory Board

Capt. Jon A. McBride, USN (Ret.)

Dr. Samuel T. Durrance
STS 25, STS 67

B. G. Bertalan Farkas (Ret.)
Soyuz 36

Dr. Loren W. Acton

Dr. Joseph P. Allen
STS 5, STS 51A

Capt. Kenneth S. Reightler, Jr., USN (Ret.)
STS 48, STS 60

Patrick Baudry

Founding Members and Board of Trustees

Jaydie Putterman
Founder & President, Photographer

Dent-de-Lion-du- Midi
Founding Member, Creative Consultant

Dr. Nicholas V. Werdt
Founding Member, International Lawyer

Jordi Savall

Pascal Balmer
Imaging Director

Jean Jules Verne
Multimedia Producer

Hugues Blondet


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