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ASE seeks to stimulate interest in science and mathematics and inspire in students a life-long commitment to education. The ASE general scholarship fund supports students and young professionals pursuing careers in the space sciences, engineering or space business administration.

The Association works closely with other space organizations and institutions to expand the pool of available new STEM graduates and to promote international dialogue on such related issues as space safety, rescue and human performance, international operational compatibility and near earth object hazards.

ASE Legacy Scholarships are administered and awarded on behalf of, and in cooperation with, the individual astronaut and cosmonaut members of the Assocation. Designed to promote and encourage scholarship and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the awards reflect the personal interests and support of the contributing astronauts and cosmonauts for and across a broad range of disciplines. Please check back with us as we develop the ASE Legacy Scholarship program, or email us for more information.

The ASE ISU Fellow

The ISU Fellowship is an ASE scholarship specifically intended to support young space professionals or students who have been accepted to the International Space University. The first ASE ISU Fellowship was awarded at the XXVI Planetary Congress in 2013.

Candidates wishing to apply for ASE Fellowships for one of the academic programs of the ISU (Space Studies Programme (SSP) or the Master of Space Science Programs) should first apply and be accepted to the International Space University.   ASE considers fellowship applicants from among those nominated by ISU, but reserves the right to request further documentation and/or interview individual candidates.

Grants are awarded by the ASE regional chapters in coordination with the international Executive Committee. Grants are paid directly to ISU on behalf of the Fellow(s). It is expected that each Fellow will have additional resources allowing completion of the program.

ASE Fellows are invited to a subsequent ASE Planetary Congress to report on the supported research activities.

ASE ISU Fellows

2014: Ms. Ana Cristina van Oijhuizen-Galhego Rosa

Ana Cristina – a young lawyer of Brazilian origin has been supported by ASE this year to be able to attend the ISU Space Science Programme (SSP) 2014, having taken place from June to August 2014 in the École de Technologie Supérieur in Montreal, Canada.

Ana Cristina has studied law in Brazilian universities and has been working as a lawyer in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and Lisbon, Portugal, before taking up internships at the International Court of Justice, The Hague, and the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), Vienna, Austria. As a researcher in the European Space Policy Institute she became acquainted with the fields of Human Spaceflight, Space Tourism, the European Galileo satellite navigation system, and Space Insurance matters. She now lives with her Dutch husband in the Netherlands.

When applying for the SSP 2014 the scholarship award by ASE and its Executive Committee has put Ana Cristina financially in a position to fully cover the fees associated with the ISU SSP. ASE Europe, the European branch of ASE managing the scholarship effort, has its seat location at the ISU campus in Strasbourg and maintains close relations to ISU, supporting the diverse ISU programmes to educate young space professionals. For the second year the ASE ISU scholarship has now helped students in various disciplines to bring forward their career in space related matters. The Space Science Programme is an intense 9-week programme with lectures by space experts, topical work in departments, and a team project effort producing a 100-page report per team.

ASE Europe Secretary astronaut Dr. Reinhold Ewald ASE Europe Secretary astronaut Dr. Reinhold Ewald handing over the 2014 ASE ISU scholarship to Ana Cristina Van Oijhuizen-Galhego Rosa (middle) at the occasion of the distinguished lecture evening in Montreal. ISU Dean of Faculty Dr. Angie Bukley (left) joined the ceremonial act.

2013: Ms. Emmanuelle David

Ms. David in 2013 worked as a research engineer for space launcher system analysis with DLR, Germany. She graduated from Technische Universitaet Braunschweig 2010 with a diploma thesis on space debris removal, a project in cooperation with Astrium ST, Bremen. After that she was a young graduate trainee for ESA, located at the ESA Washington office. She is actively involved in the Space Generation project, an opportunity for young space researchers to network, discuss and become leaders on next generation space topics.

2014 ASE ISU Fellow Ms. Emmanuelle David with astronauts Gerhard Thiele, Viktor Savinikh, ASE President Dorin Prunariu and Mario Runco, Jr. at ESOC, Darmstadt

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General Scholarships

Please submit:

  • a curriculum vitae along with your most recent university transcripts
  • proof of enrollment in or acceptance to an accredited program
  • a statement of your career goals and how your field of study aligns with the mission, goals and objectives of the ASE
  • two recommendations from instuctors, teachers, professors or others familiar with your work

ASE ISU Fellowship

Please submit:

  • a curriculum vitae along with your most recent transcripts
  • proof of enrollment in or acceptance to an accredited ISU program
  • a statement of your career goals and how your field of study aligns with the mission, goals and objectives of the ASE
  • two recommendations from space professionals familiar with your work or study

ASE Legacy Scholarships

Under development, please check back with us soon!


Please contribute and help ASE support our future space scientists, engineers and explorers! Thank you!


Anousheh Ansari (Soyuz TMA-9)
John-David Bartoe (STS 51F)
Greg Chamitoff (STS 124, Expedition 17/18, STS 134)
Roger Crouch (STS 83, STS 94)
Reinhold Ewald (Soyuz TM-25)
John Fabian (STS 7, STS 51G)
Ron Garan, Jr. (STS 124, Soyuz TMA-21/Expedition 27/28)
Sandy Magnus (STS 112, STS 126/Expedition 18, STS 135)
Mark Shuttleworth (Soyuz TM-34)