XV Congress of the Association of Space Explorers
Bucharest, Romania
October 4-9, 1999

The Executive Committee and Romanian President Emil Constantinescu open the 15th Congress.


John Fabian (left), US Ambassador James Rosapepe (center) and Sam Durrance (right) during the Opening Ceremony


President Constantinescu, host Dumitru Prunariu (center) and HRH Sultan ibn Salman following the Opening Ceremony


Gordon Fullerton, Musa Manarov, Vladimir Solovyev, Dorin Prunariu, Charlie Walker and Vitali Sevastyonov gather with students at the Polytechnic University in Bucharest during Community Day activities


Viktor Savinykh, Dorin Prunariu, Miroslaw Hermaszewski, Alexei Leonov, Charlie Walker and Gennadi Strekalov present the Crystal Helmet to Academician Virgiliu Constantinescu


Alexei Leonov speaks as the executive committee honors Dorin Prunariu for his efforts as 15th Congress host during the Closing Ceremony



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