XVII Congress of the Association of Space Explorers
Almaty/Baikonur, Kazakhstan
September 26 - October 2, 2001

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Baikonur airport



Delegates gather in Baikonur to honor Korolev



The Korolev memorial in Baikonur



(left to right) Tokhtar Aubakirov, Toyohiro Akiyama, Gennadi Strekalov, Alexander Lazutkin, Jugderdemidyn Gurragchaa, Bo Bobko and Alexander Balandin speak to Kazakh elementary school students in Baikonur



Touring the assembly and integration facility at the Cosmodrome>



The "missing" Buran, fully stacked, in storage at the Cosmodrome. This vehicle was later destroyed in a roof collapse incident



The Soyuz launch pad; this is the site of the launch of Yuri Gagarin's Vostok 1, the very first orbital mission in the history of human spaceflight, April 12, 1961



Alexei Leonov teasing ASE–USA Executive Director Andy Turnage on the steps of the Soyuz launch gantry

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