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VIII ASE Planetary Congress Collector's Edition Poster

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This poster commemorates the 8th Planetary Congress of the Association of Space Explorers (ASE). The Congress took place August 23-30, 1992 in Washington, DC. Bearing the authentic signatures of eighty-two of the participating astronauts from eighteen nations, it is part of a series of limited collector’s edition posters that have been produced and signed at each ASE Congress since the Association was founded in 1985. Two hundred and forty-three of these posters were signed at the 8th Congress; eighty-two were given to the attending astronauts and cosmonauts, one was placed into the Association's permanent collection and one hundred and fifty-seven were released for sale. The poster has two headings, the main heading in English at the top, with the Russian displayed at the bottom. Around the periphery are printed translations of “Association of Space Explorers” in the native languages of all individuals who have flown in space. Clockwise, from upper left with English at the top, they include Vietnamese, Hindi, Bulgarian, Italian, Afghani, German, Polish, Japanese, Romanian, Dutch, Czech, Hungarian, Mongolian, Spanish, Arabic and French. The background is taken from NASA archive photo # 83 HC 213 which has been used for each set of posters in the series. The central image of the poster features a point perspective composite photograph of the planet Mars produced by the US Geological Survey. Surrounding Mars are the flags of the twenty five nations that have flown citizens in space at the time of the Congress. The image symbolizes the conviction of ASE members that a journey to Mars should be an international effort that draws upon the strengths of all nations. # in series: 157 Signature key included

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