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ASE Europe

Europeans at ISS

We are really happy, at the European Chapter of ASE, to see a renewed interest of our governments to engage in human space flight, cooperation amongst ourselves and with other nations around the world, and the continuation of our professional astronaut pool.

With the docking of the Crew Dragon “Freedom” starting Axiom 3 mission, we have increased by three the potential members of our organization.

We will certainly offer Alper Gezeravci to join us, together with Walter Villadei and Marcus Wandt. Even Commander Mike Lopez-Alegría could be eligible!

We are all especially glad to see Marcus fly in space, for this helps clarify the fate of the newly selected “ESA Reserve Astronaut” group. May all of them find their way into Space and ASE soon!

Very important and remarkable is that they were greeted in space by one of our members, Commander Andy Mogensen.

We are hoping that this renewed impulse will be a sign of a stronger engagement of Europe in general, and ESA in particular, with crewed space flight and that we will soon see Europe as a strong, reliable and equal partner for the exploration that now lies ahead of humanity.

Congratulations to all!

Pedro Duque, President ASE Europe

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Gerhard Thiele 

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