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Association of Space Explorers

Delivering the astronaut perspective

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Founded in 1985 by a small group of US, Russian and international fliers, the Association of Space Explorers (ASE) is an international nonprofit 501c3 professional and educational organization of over 400 flown astronauts and cosmonauts from 38 nations. 

ASE activities are conducted under the auspices of the four regional chapters: 

Association of Space Explorers – USA

Association of Space Explorers – Russia

Association of Space Explorers – Europe

Association of Space Explorers – Asia

Oversight is provided by the international Executive Committee and the regional Boards of Directors.

STEM & Educational OUTREACH

A key component of ASE’s mission is to enable and grow a technically knowledgeable and proficient future workforce, which is part of a national education imperative to ensure our nation’s future economic and scientific prosperity. As part of ASE’s general outreach efforts, our astronaut and cosmonaut members visit schools, universities and youth groups world-wide and interact with thousands of teachers, parents and students each year. ASE continuously explores creative ways to engage and inspire the next generation of scientists, astronauts and engineers.

International Cooperation

ASE maintains a commitment to fostering international cooperation in space exploration. Since space exploration is a technology-intensive and financially expensive activity, ASE members understand that when many countries jointly invest their resources and ingenuity in common undertakings, all stand to benefit. Chief among ASE’s activities in this area are professional exchanges and facilities visits among astronauts of different national space programs, sponsorship of international dialogue on space rescue and operational compatibility, and a series of high level invitational discussions which have resulted in new opportunities for space cooperation in the changing global political environment.

Planetary  Stewardship

ASE considers it important to provide its members with opportunities to communicate their unique perspective of Earth to help stimulate humanity’s sense of responsibility for the future of our planet. Among ASE’s premier activities in the area of environmental education have been the publication of the international best-seller The Home Planet in hard and soft cover, partnership in the development and deployment of the on-orbit astronaut earth photography tool Windows on Earth, participation in the United Nations Earth Day and Mission to Planet Earth ceremonies and sponsorship of environmental films and videos.

Professional forum

As the only professional 
association for astronauts, ASE supports the advancement of space exploration by providing opportunities for communication among space professionals at the international level. The Association has worked closely with other international professional space organizations to expand and invigorate international dialogue on such issues as asteroid impact threats and hazards as well as international cooperation and on-orbit compatibility, crew safety, human performance and rescue. ASE regularly sponsors international discussions among astronauts on space flight operations.

Delivering the Astronaut Perspective

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