The ASE Planetary Congress

The Planetary Congress is ASE's primary forum for professional exchange among U.S., Russian and international astronauts and cosmonauts. It is designed to promote the exchange of space flight experiences and technical information concerning space operations, scientific research, mission development and astronaut training. ASE members meet to review and discuss developments in their respective space programs, to evaluate existing ASE programs and plan future ASE activities. The week-long Congress affords a unique opportunity for communication between members of the international space community, government agencies and the public.

At its Planetary Congress, the Association of Space Explorers presents its Planetary Award, the Crystal Helmet, to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement and understanding of the theme subject of that year's Congress. ASE also awards Leonov Medallions to honor notables who have contributed greatly to the mission of the Association of Space Explorers | See the list of awardees


I Congress
Cernay, France
The Home Planet
Award: Jacques-Yves Cousteau


II Congress
Budapest, Hungary
Towards Space Civilization
Award: Gerard O'Neill/Oleg Gazenko


III Congress
Mexico City, Mexico
The Next Generation in Space
Award: Thomas Paine


IV Congress
Sofia, Bulgaria
Space and Evolution
Award: Boris Raushenbakh


V Congress
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Space for Earth
Award: Yash Pal


VI Congress
Groningen, The Netherlands
Space Brings People Together
Award: H.C. Van de Hulst


VII Congress
Berlin, Germany
Space Has No Boundaries
Award: Hans Dietrich Genscher


VIII Congress
Washington, DC
To Mars Together
Award: Isaac Asimov


IX Congress
Vienna, Austria
Space for Life
Award: Hermann Bondi


X Congress
Moscow, Russia
Space and Ecology
Award: Yuri Gagarin (posthumous)


XI Congress
Warsaw, Poland
Space & Contemporary Society
Award: Stanislaw Lem


XII Congress
Montreal, Canada
Cooperation in Space-Progress for Humanity
Award: Nicolas Matte


XIII Congress
San Jose, Costa Rica
Space Technology for Sustainable Development
Award: Jose Maria Figueres


XIV Congress
Brussels, Belgium
Space and Education-A Message to the Youth
Award: Edith Cresson


XV Congress
Bucharest, Romania
Space and Astronomy -Toward the New Millennium
Award: V.N. Constantinescu


XVI Congress
Madrid, Spain
A New Space for Humanity
Award: HRH The Prince of Asturias


XVII Congress
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Gateway to Space Exploration and Environmental Protection
Award: Nursultan Nazarbayev


XVIII Congress
Tokyo, Japan
Learning From Space, Enriching World Culture
Award: Lorna L. Onizuka


XIX Congress
Salt Lake City, U.S.A
Our Destiny in Space: Worlds Without Borders
Award: ASTP Crew

  XX Congress
Edinburgh, Scotland

50 Years in Space - Launching into the Future
Award: Professor Ken Pounds
  XXI Congress
Seattle, Washington, USA
Exploring Space, Inspiring Planetary Stewardship
Award: William E. Boeing, Jr.


XXII Congress
Prague, Czech Republic
Space – Opportunities for All
Award: Boris Valnichek
  XXIII Congress
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1 Planet, 1 Hope, 1 Future
Award: Mahathir Mohamad
  XXIV Congress
Moscow, Russia

He Invited Us All Into Space
Award: Boris Chertok


XXV Congress
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Space Technology for a Knowledge Based Society
Award: Charles Elachi

  XXVI Congress
Cologne, Germany

Citizens of Space – Stewards of Earth
Award: Heinz Riesenhuber

  XXVII Congress
Beijing, China
September 10-15, 2014

Cooperation – Realizing Humanity's Space Dreams Together
Award: Wang Yongzh


XXVIII Congress
Stockholm, Sweden
September 20-27, 2015

  XXIX Congress
Vienna, Austria
October 3-7, 2016