XVII Congress of the Association of Space Explorers
Almaty/Baikonur, Kazakhstan
September 26 - October 2, 2001

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John Fabian and Sergei Avdeev chair the international space program updates session at the National Academy of Sciences



Talgat Musabayev (left) and Alexei Leonov sign the commemorative Congress poster



(left to right): Tokhtar Aubakirov, Oleg Makarov, Bertalan Farkas, John Fabian and Sergei Avdeev sign the commemorative poster



All work and no play makes for dull astronauts and cosmonauts. Left to right: Alexander Lazutkin, Alexander Ivanchenkov (back), Viktor Savinykh, Vladimir Aksyonov, Loren Acton, Toyohiro Akiyama (back) and Gennadi Strekalov let their hair down at the home of Tokhtar Aubakirov



The Executive Committee presents the Crystal Helmet and Leonov Medallions at the Closing Ceremony



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